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Hailey Lynn is an artist at heart. She has been making her whole life, exploring through paint, pencil and now metal + stone. She first heard of pewter in a 2009 sculpture course where she learned the ancient process of cuttlefish bone casting. Hailey was mesmerized, there was a lightbulb moment and she made her first piece of pewter jewelry. After years of letting the process linger in the back of her mind she finally started researching and buying supplies like crazy. Through trial, error and general ‘mad scientist’ style experimentation she has honed a unique casting process that allows her to make the pieces you see here. 

The juxtaposition of raw stones, silky pewter and sandy textures make each piece look as if it’s been pulled straight from the earth. Inspired by nature, travel and the small details of every day encounters you can often find Hailey traveling in her little RV, exploring with a macro lens after it rains or sketching new designs in her notebook. All pieces are cast, finished and made by hand in Hailey’s traveling studio. 

Do whatever brings you to life, then.

Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them.

Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert



I make pendants + more from cast pewter. Pewter is nickel free, lead free and considered Hypoallergenic. It does not rust, tarnish or turn you green. Without this special metal my unique casting process would 

not work. All the pewter I work with is 100% recycled. 



Most of my pieces feature 

gemstones in some way. Whether one of a kind, raw or faceted, gemstones are what bring my work to life. Go with the stones that draw you in and then learn about their special meanings HERE


My work and travel are intertwined. Inspiration and materials for my work are gathered all along the way. I may be exploring the coast one week, digging through a new bead shop the next and set up at a local market after that. 

Lynn Mineral


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