Beautiful Labradorite slice earrings featuring a swoop of silver chain and looped silver wire. 



Silver plated chain + wires.


Labradorite slices, light grey-green with bits of flash.

They are matched up to be sisters not twins :)



Drop:  2.25” Width:  .75”


The stone pieces are beautiful + matched up to be sisters not twins :) Comes carded. 


Handmade by me from start to finish. 

Labradorite Slice Earrings


SILVER / GOLD PLATED ITEMS: These pieces are sterling silver or gold over copper or brass. Each piece is sealed with a protective coating to avoid tarnishing and wear on plating. To protect the plating, avoid contact with chemicals (chlorine, perfume, oils) and avoid getting wet. Dry thoroughly if needed. This includes ear hooks, clasps and chains. 

PEWTER ITEMS: Store in the provided cotton pouch to avoid scratching. Rinse in warm water and mild soap, gently scrub with a soft cloth or brush to clean, dry thoroughly. Rub with a dry soft cloth to polish.

PEWTER ITEMS WITH STONES: Store in the provided cotton pouch to avoid scratching. Be aware of rough situations that could cause damage to stones. Wet a soft cloth or brush with water and soap, scrub pewter and avoid gemstones. Dry thoroughly. Rub with a dry soft cloth to polish.

Lynn Mineral


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